Notice: The DEMAND ensures the SUPPLY,
(which is already there)

As for finances, Notice the demand ensures the supply, which is already there, put up in store for you. It’s already done. Just make the DEMAND.

Make the Request, take—receive it—Take the receipt.


Once upon a time—not long ago—as a Nana—I noticed one of my grandchildren, who was born a preemie, was having some challenges with taking his asthma medicine through an inhaler. It required an awkward 2-step process whereby my 6 year old grandson had to maneuver the inhaler with his hands and breathe in at the same time with the hope it would be inhaled into his lungs with enough medicine to make a difference. After watching him struggle with this several times and still end up coughing way more than usual I began to ask questions. It was in my spirit that he was not getting the full benefit of the medication. Earlier when he came to visit he had an inhaler that seemed so much more efficient—all he had to do was pump and breathe in. I asked his mom what was going on and she shared that he was now taking the generic version of the previous medication, because the brand name version was significantly more expensive.

So bottom line, this was the best she could afford. It meant more work and was less effective for my grandchild, but less cost. Less work for him and a more effective outcome would cost more! As a loving grandparent this did not sit well with me at all!

So I offered to our daughter that we would pick up the cost difference so that he could get the more useful and efficient inhaler. So as we moved forward with this plan—making a DEMAND for what was best for our beloved grandson, we discovered first that if she purchased a 3 month supply the cost was somewhat less—so we moved quickly to get this done. Then the real divine surprise happened. As our daughter went to RECEIVE the medicine and TAKE it—she was asked if she had a coupon. She then remembered that a couple of years earlier she did get a coupon, but due to his age he was not eligible at that time. But now he was eligible—now she received a 90% discount! We had sowed the seed—and the harvest was that this medication was NOW affordable! Glory to God!

So what happened? The DEMAND was made for the best, and SUPPLY / PROVISION was already there for the TAKING. This may seem simple, and perhaps not even noteworthy to some—but this is how God works—even in the simple things in life—HE shows up if we move in His Best! In the Kingdom of God, we don’t have to settle for less, when God urges us to make a DEMAND, and RECEIVE what HE has already SUPPLIED! Then we do need to Praise Him for it! AMEN!

JESUS said, I come that you might have life and that more abundantly. Also, God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think, according to the Power that works within us! CHRIST IN YOU (US), THE HOPE OF GLORY!

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