Be Dope

It’s just that simple. 
1) Wake up – Realize that opening your eyes and taking that cognitive yawn and stretch 1st thing in the Morning is a Gift. If you’re able to simply Wake Up then you’re already Winning.
2) Give God Glory – Acknowledge His sole greatness. He Is Good and Gracious and deserves to simply be acknowledged as such.
3) Be Dope – You are Unique. Dopeness looks different creature to creature.  How ever you choose to walk this out, do it so that others can look at your story and say Glory to God. Tackle your day with gusto & Purpose.
4) Rest – It’s just as important to Rest as it is to Hustle. If GOD Himself needed to rest after the creation of existence, what makes you think you don’t need to Rest as well? Rest!  
5) Repeat – One drop of water doesn’t seem like much BUT an accumulation of those drops can be a Force to be reckoned with (*RIVERS PLUG WOOT!*). Even the little that you do each day adds so much to the Kingdom of God. So Repeat Repeat Repeat.

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