There was something placed in my heart, many many years ago that has morphed, been mixed, and been misconstrued, but IS NECESSARY  to rise up in light of today’s current situations.  

It is truly a gospel (a good news message) that has rang throughout the centuries in regards to Africans in America (African Americans). I’m talking about the Good News of Juneteenth!

You know, It is very interesting how many movements to free people from oppressive situations have received so much compassion, action, and recompense; Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, even Animal Rights BUT not this one.

Not African-Americans. 

A people brought here against their will, for the perpetual purpose of providing “free labor” for the wealth and benefit of others.  

Who are we speaking about?  You got it! African-Americans, Blacks, that have been relegated to a societal/cultural class of being labor for the benefit of others, and not themselves.  

John Hope Bryant, writes about how The Poor Can Save Capitalism. However, there are principalities and powers who would have the poor enslaved to capitalism, only by becoming better consumers of the goods that do not create wealth from the work of their hands – but muzzles the ox that plows the ground
For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzletheox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. (1 Timothy 5:18)

Because of the repeated enslavement of this people group, taking these people from their homeland and the continual re/designing of systems of oppression through ignorance We Must Focus on setting the captives free, and being free yourself to LOVE all, without partiality in CHRIST.  It must be done through CHRIST the anointing of GOD and the authority given to the saints to ARISE and take a stand in our place in bringing Heaven (and Heaven’s resources) to earth, as it is in Heaven. This is that ‘good and Faithful’ servitude that the Bible talks about. 

Listen, it’s 2018 … Juneteenth was started in 1865!  It’s been 153 years that Black people have been “FREE” yet today, are still in the FIGHT FOR TOTAL FREEDOM !

Imagine, after busting your butt since your birth the person that you were answering to tells you that ‘you’re free to go … riiiiiiight after this next 153 years is up.’ You accept it and STILL get treated like garbage, you work hard against the grain to provide for your family, you work hard to protect your family from those who want to see them dead just because of the color of their skin. …. You work hard for that Freedom that you were already promised, you even tell your children  “a Change is gon’ come!”
Imagine things starting to LOOK as if they’re different BUT underneath the chains are still on.
People see those chains and look the other way. Babies even grow up starting to wear those chains JUST BECAUSE chains are all they’ve ever known. 
Truth is Oppression is just as real today as it was back in the day.  Oppression is prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.  It can sometimes be SO PROLONGED that the Oppressed have built callouses to it.  We need to not allow these callouses to make us unintentionally ignorant of the challenges we still face. 
Juneteenth is about FREEDOM!  It’s about remembering what was promised while celebrating how far we’ve come in America AND to continue to FIGHT for true Freedom in the African America community and FOR FREEDOM FOR ALL !
When are we as a people going to say Enough is Enough?
When are we as God’s people going to Stand For What’s Right?
TODAY, JUNE 19, 2018
We said NO to slavery !
We said NO to Jim Crow !
We say NO to Mass Incarceration!
We Say No To Oppression !
We ask that God to strengthen our Fight, To Consecrate our Stance, and to
Anoint Our NO
so that we see and experience True and Divine Freedom & Peace in this World.  
Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed and it Shall Be Done on Earth as it is In Heaven !