Life can be complicated.
There are some people trying their hardest to simplify their lives BUT to no avail because on the inside things are still so very complicated. 
We must fight off those feelings that are harmful to us.
Easier said than done right?
So we must come together as a People and Help our loved ones fight! 
It Is Hard.
It is Exhausting.
We take, what feels like, more Hits than what we’re giving out BUT We Must Do It if we’re going to get through it. 
We Urge each and everyone of you to lend a hand, lift up a prayer and get Old School about how you care.
Remember when you were a kid and you really just wanted someone to go with you to take that trip down the hallway at school?  Remember when you’d volunteer to go with someone to do even the smallest tasks?
We need to go back to that. That Buddy-System Mentality.
We see all of these seemingly Happy people taking their own lives and then we’re wondering What Did Them In?
Imagine waking up on the Wrong side of the bed one morning and on this day you’re the person responsible for making everyone you come across Laugh, Smile and Happy.  Naturally, you would put your, what you think is just a bad mood, to the side and make them Happy.
On those mornings, one would simply stay home from work and take a Mental Health day. Right? Then come back the next rejuvenated.
For some people this happens every now and again. But for others this happens more often.   
Now imagine doing this every morning with no end in sight. Imagine not being able to outwardly have any Mood that’s not a good one.
Built up emotions.
Built up tensions. 
Built up Pain.Crying in private.Confusion.   You start feeling like a character in The Truman Show! (it’s a great movie!)
Seclusion becomes a Friend to someone battling Depression and/or Anxiety. It takes more than 1 Mental Health day to bounce back. Most don’t bounce back they just fake it until they make it. 
Though No Man is an Island. It is on this Island where these people can kick, scream, cry, yell, and have no one look at them like something’s wrong nor bringing other downs with them.
The desire to be alone isn’t a matter of Actually Being Left Alone.
The desire to be alone is really the Desire to be unconditionally accepted.
Encourage your loved ones to strive for Greatness; however, SHOW THEM that it is OK to live their truth and come to the table just as they are. Don’t shouldn’t need to Fake It with the ones closest to them and more people need be understanding of this.
How can someone strive for real greatness if they’re living a Lie just because lie makes people happy? 
Encourage them to come out of hiding and starting really living their truth and it is THEN when they can START building their lives back up from the pieces that it has fallen into on the inside of them. 
We only get one Life here on Earth, we shouldn’t waste it making other flawed Humans superficially happy.
If they’re still living it is NOT too late. Be Patient With Them and With Yourselves. Adopt the Buddy System and Go on that Journey with them.
What makes this a Good Faith? Because you’re fighting for someone that you love to live the greatness life that they can given their circumstances. 
Why with Faith? Reality is when it comes to an internal fight HOPE is all we have.  We can’t always see the results but we don’t give up in Hopes that results are being reached !
This is way beyond Superficial.  Lives are at Stake.

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