40 Days of Prayer

(We’re going to try and break it down for you guys, dive on in and forgive our run-on sentences!!)


What is a prayer campaign?

A Prayer Campaign is when we rally around specific causes/ purposes/ actions to WIN this thing called LIFE! *By Winning, we mean succeeding in God and doing our earthly duties of seeking and saving the lost. (Luke 19:10)


Why 40 days?

  • Well, when Jesus began his ministry, He went into the wilderness, fasted and prayed for 40 Days.
  • While He was out there, He was Tempted in all types of ways. He got so hungry that it hurt. Most of us get HANGRY (Hungry+Angry) after a few hours of no Food, let alone 40 days! It’s something how much our Stomach controls our responses to things. AND His patience was tested as well. Some of us can’t pray for a full 5 minutes, let alone 40 days!!!!!!! YET, He didn’t give into the temptations … He didn’t allow his negative physical responses to get in the way of what God wanted to get him to see, understand, and feel. He had to feel the pain to really put himself in the shoes of the Least of these
  • Why Now?

    It’s 2019, times have changed … I Get Things Done … why pray?

  • Here’s what we say to that! You don’t need to search far or wide to find “hate” going around … We have yet to learn to disagree Respectfully. Our country is broken and divided and a house divided will fall. Imagine uniting with people on your block for the greater good of your neighborhood. Now expand and imagine banding together with your neighbors for the greater good of your community … then your city, then your state …etc. These are ways to come together and affect our communities in positive ways. BUT here’s the kicker, our communities are Full of actual people, Actual different personalities, different needs, different ways to go about things, Different Actual Lives … so THIS is where prayer comes in.
  • Works without Faith is dead. Prayer is needed for what is known and unknown.
  • Prayer is simply communicating with God and Unifying around ideas for a good outcome in agreement with those that you pray with.
  • In this day in age, WE need to pray IN Unity for JUSTICE for ALL!
  • Why is it necessary for my life?

    Have you not been reading? You need more?

    • This one is simple. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! What did you think, you didn’t matter in the Kingdom of God?
    • You Do Matter ! Each and everyone of us are commissioned (produced specially) to Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. The Good, Bad and In Between creatures …. LIKE OURSELVES ! This is why it’s necessary for YOUR life. It’s not just about Saving Yourself, it’s about you living life Doing what you were Created to do which is SHOW THE GOSPEL, SHOW THE GOOD NEWS!
  • What’s our Goal of the Prayer campaign?

In the customs of Lent the practice is to give up something for 40 Days …make a sacrifice and refrain from something that you usually partake in.

During the 40 Days of Prayer we want to focus on “Lifting Up”, those you would not normally pray for, or have to really sacrifice to pray for:

Those that you may have taken for granted perhaps because they are close to you, such as family or friends —  Those you have or are in conflict with. Have an ought against – Got a Beef With. 

Those you really just do not like. Sacrifice and put them on your prayer list.

Pray for your enemies.

We are Praying to better our World from the Inside Out!


It is God’s desire that none be lost.

We Want to Grow Our Empathy

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